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December 9, 2021

Chrome extension for saving online reports and articles

Just like OneNote and Evernote, you can now save web pages to Sapium via a handy Chrome extension. Use it to quickly save online articles, reports, web pages, and more to your Sapium account, for later review or deeper research.

It's far easier to use than other "web clipping" Chrome extensions like Evernote because all it takes is a single click, and your article or web page is saved. Your whole team can also (by default) see everything you save. Also, all images and headings will be preserved, while useless menus will be removed - leaving you with the actual text that you can then use in automatic analysis.

You can easily adjust settings by right-clicking on the extension, for instance this will be saved privately or visible to your teammates.

Chrome extension

Zapier integration

By popular demand, we've improved the Sapium API to work more easily with Zapier. This means you can now connect thousands of services to Sapium, creating and modifying Sapium documents automatically from Slack messages, JIRA tickets, Zendesk communications, Google Docs content, and so on. The possibilities are endless.


Search and analysis by heading section

Sapium now automatically recognizes all headings you use in your documents, and can search/analyze accordingly.

For instance, if you created a heading in your latest meeting notes called "Next steps", you can search just for results inside that section.

Or, if your headings correspond to interview questions, then you can filter or group responses by interview question, like SurveyMonkey on steroids.

It's also smart enough to pick up on headings within headings with headings!

Filter by heading


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